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Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

We all know Wordpress is pretty awesome!

But spending hours setting up and preparing your new Wordpress site -

Is not!

Manually installing plugin after plugin…

When all you want it to do is:


But you can’t -


Because before you can get going with the good stuff -

…Content creation, generating traffic and profits etc etc…

You have to spend on average one and a half hours setting up your new Wordpress blog -

No matter your experience!

(And if you are a less experienced Wordpress user -

You’ve also got the copious amounts of time you have to spend on learning the technical aspects of Wordpress set up first!)

Frustrating eh?

And even more frustrating if you only want to create a new version of the exact same set up of one of your existing sites…

And if you create more than one Wordpress blog regularly -

Then all this tedious, boring and repetitive set up is REALLY going to start to eat into your time!

And we all know that time is precious

And time = money.

Just imagine what you could be could be doing in that hour and a half you’re frustratingly tied to your computer screen having to manually set up each site…

Just take a moment to think of all of those things you’d much rather be doing…


So you’re torn…

This site HAS to be done!

But you’d much rather spend your precious time doing the more important things in life and business!

SO - What if there was a solution?

One that meant you COULD set up your new Wordpress site…


Take Junior to the ballgame…

Enjoy a meal with your partner…

Or enjoy a movie with the kids…?

The good news is:

Here’s your cake…

Now eat it!

Because you can!

Just imagine if:

You could do your entire Wordpress set up -

And be up and running -


Just imagine if you could collate and control all of your existing plugins from just one panel…

And -

Just imagine if you could simply clone your existing sites -


Stop imagining!



Blog Set Up In Hyperspeed

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  • Get Going Faster And With Zero Effort!

    With the push of just button – you can have your entire blog up and running! Ready to start doing the good stuff – and start profiting right away!

  • No Technical Ability Necessary!

    Obliterate all need for learning and technical ability! Simply let WPHypershift do all the hard work for you!

  • Super Fast and Easy Install!

    Install and be up and running in just seconds without waiting for a lot of hours to set everything up!

  • Full Single Panel Settings Control!

    Control all of your WordPress settings in one easy to manage place!

  • All In One Plugin Management!

    Install and manage all of your existing plugins in one place – with smart ‘one-click-does-all’ install.

  • One Click Instant Cloning Process!

    Simply want to copy the settings of one of your existing sites? No problem! Don’t spend hours manually copying over your settings – when you can press one button and import your existing settings INSTANTLY!

WPHypershift Is Going To Save You Time, Effort And Money!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced WP user or a beginner user -

Setting up a new Wordpress site still takes time and effort -

And we ALL need to save time and effort right?

Because as we all know -

Time and effort = money

And we all have better things to do that spend our time tediously setting up sites -

Installing plugins…

And repeating this monotonous, time consuming process every time you need to set up a new site!

Now there’s no need!

And Now You Will Be Able To Set Up Your Entire WordPress Blog – With The Push Of Just One Button:

Fresh WP sites can be pre-populated with content, plugins, and settings all in one setup.

This also includes exporting an already existing site’s settings (including the installed plugins) and import it to a new WP installation = Easy WordPress import in less than one minute.

Total Set Up Control With Every Bit Of Set Up Done In One Place!

Automatically set up:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Legal Pages
  • Blog settings
  • Floating Bar
  • Favicon

2 Way Compatibility For Super Easy Import And Export!

  • Import WP Settings and WP Plugins from other sites
  • Export WP Settings and WP Plugins from your site to others

One Panel Complete Plugin Control!

  • Install and manage multiple plugins at once

Change All Blog Settings With Just One Push!

  • Change default category from “uncategorized” to user specified text
  • Add up to 5 additional categories
  • Change permalink structure to custom structure
  • Delete default “hello world” post and default comment and sample page
  • Change default tagline from “just another wordpress blog” to custom user specified tagline
  • Delete all links in Blogroll
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Create Google XML Sitemap for the blog
Download WPHyperShift Now

SO, You COULD use the original:
‘Time Draining, Effort Taking, Manual ”Wordpress Blog Setup…Where You Manually Have To:’

  • Setup your about us, contact us, legal pages, blog settings, floating bar and favicon…
    Time Wasted:
    Experienced User: Average 12.5 minutes
    Beginner User: Average: 25 minutes
  • Manually Import Your WP Settings and Plugins from your other sites
    Time Wasted:
    Experienced User: Average 12.5 minutes
    Beginner User: Average: 17.5 minutes
  • Manually Export Your WP Settings and Plugins from your other sites:
    Time Wasted:
    Experienced User: Average 12.5 minutes
    Beginner User: Average: 17.5 minutes
  • Manually Install Multiple Separate Plugins:
    Time Wasted:
    Experienced User: Average 17.5 minutes
    Beginner User: Average: 27.5 minutes
  • Manually Change Your Default Category From ‘Un-catergorized’ to your own relevant text.
    Time Wasted:
    Experienced User: Average 2 minutes
    Beginner User: Average: 4 minutes
  • Manually Add 5 Additional Categories
    Time Wasted:
    Experienced User: Average 1.5 minutes
    Beginner User: Average: 2.5 minutes
  • Manually Change Permalink Structure To Custom Structure
    Time Wasted:
    Experienced User: Average 1.5 minutes
    Beginner User: Average: 2.5 minutes
  • Manually Delete Default Hello World Post and Default Comment And Sample Page
    Time Wasted:
    Experienced User: Average 2 minutes
    Beginner User: Average: 3.5 minutes
  • Manually Change Default Tagline From ‘Just Another WordPress Blog’ to Your Own Custom Tagline:
    Time Wasted:
    Experienced User: Average 2 minutes
    Beginner User: Average: 3.5 minutes
  • Manually Delete All Links in Blogroll:
    Time Wasted:
    Experienced User: Average 1 minute
    Beginner User: Average: 1.5 minutes
  • Set Up Google Analytics Integration:
    Time Wasted:
    Experienced User: Average 2 minutes
    Beginner User: Average: 4 minutes
  • Manually Create Your Own Google XML Sitemap For The Blog:
    Time Wasted:
    Experienced User: Average 2.5 minutes
    Beginner User: Average: 7.5 minutes

Total Time Wasted:

Experienced User:Average 1 hour 9 (and a half) minutes.

Beginner User:Average: 1 hour 56 (and a half) minutes!

And the next time you need to create a new site – you have to go through this = all over again!

Or You Could Put All That Behind You And Use:

3 Simple Steps To Quick Success

  • ”1″

    ”Chose And Input Your Setting Options In One Panel”

  • ”2″

    ”Press ‘Hypershift’″

  • ”3″

    ”BOOM! Total Wordpress setup - in an instant!”

Total Time Wasted: ZERO Minutes!
The Choice Is Yours.

And remember -

If you simply want to clone an existing site of yours -

Without WPHypershift -

You’d HAVE to go through the same time-consuming, tedious set up process -

When with WPHypershift -

You can simply click one button -

And your Wordpress site is cloned!

Clever WP Hypershift!

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Seems Like A Pretty Easy Decision To Me! So How Much Is This Piece Of Time and Effort Plugin Genius Going To Set Me Back?

Nowhere NEAR as much as you think!

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And your chance to save time, effort and obliterate your Wordpress setup learning curve -

Will be gone forever.

And you’ll have to tell Junior you can’t take him to the ball game…

Let the delicious meal your partner has just cooked you go cold…

And tell the kids you can’t sit and watch the movie with them…

And get on with manually setting up your Wordpress site.

Is it really worth that wasted time, disappointment and missed opportunities with the most important people in your life-

When you can simply push one button on one innovative software solution -

And have it all done for you -

In literally seconds?!

Of course it’s not!

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  • So here’s to super fast WordPress set up
  • With ZERO time, Effort Or technical ability
  • Here’s to getting going, Time after time
  • With no roadblocks
  • Or frustrating tedious tasks.
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Install, input and go!
Happy blogging!

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  • Simon J Warner

  • Richard Fairbairn

  • Craig Crawford

  • JF Garsula

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